.......RDO is a young and dynamic company, located in Córdoba (Argentina), wholly owned by its employees with solid roots on quality and compromise.    

Why Córdoba?

  .......Córdoba - A perfect hardware outsourcing destination.

  ......Take advantage of Córdoba's emergence as a preferred hardware outsourcing destination. Be a first mover, Córdoba has all the right ingredients to be a preferred hardware outsourcing destination; located on the geographical center of Argentina, Córdoba gathers all the educated labor pool that comes out of many local Universities, becoming a well skilled population at your service with salary costs lower than in Europe and US.  Many world leader technological companies like Motorola, Intel, EDS and IBM have outsourcing design centers on this location showing the potential of the zone.

Businessweek Article  Business Week: "Córdoba, Silicon Valley South"
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Why RDO?

  .......Leading hardware outsourcing provider in Córdoba.

 .......Under International management, RDO understands the demands, requirements and working methods of multinational companies looking for hardware outsourcing providers. Quality and capability is guaranteed. In RDO we have professional staff on Electronics, Telecommunications and Software Systems ready to analyze and evaluate different technologies, searching for the optimum solutions and adjusting them into every case. We are an engineering group with a high level of specialization and expertise, acquired after many years of working on many recognized companies on the technological sector.

  .......We maintain a highly updated staff, constantly trained to receive not only new projects, but also to provide the necessary support to accomplish the total tranquility of our customers.

Why Outsourcing?

  .......The benefits of outsourcing.

  ......Having an outsourced project has become a trend over the lasts years, because it far outweighs the most known indoor projects in matters of cost and time savings.
  ......Many companies have realized the benefits of taking advantage on the experience of a dedicated provider, this way you can reach enhanced service delivery, have access to superior technologies and reduce your costs. You can turn your fixed costs into variable costs giving you more capital control, financial security, and availability of capital for investment elsewhere in your business. Now you have the chance to focus on your core business, RDO has rich experience in establishing and running outsourced projects.

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